April showers bring May flowers!

April showers bring May flowers! What tips do you have for sprucing up a virtual classroom? Do you use Bitmoji, graphic design tools, or GoogleSites to make your students feel welcome? Other? Share below!



What a great question to push us into one of the most beautiful months of the year for a teacher as we watch our students reach their prime in our classes (just as the school year ends). Although it is not a decorative choice, one way that I like to spruce up my virtual classroom is by focusing on changes in pace. By the end of May, new students are no longer being added to our classes, and the students feel in a rhythm. This comfortability is a two-sided sword because they have developed a fertile mindset, but things start blurring together and other life obligations often seep in. Accordingly, I try to add surprises. This might be a change like starting immediately with discussions instead of my normal introductions where I check-in on everyone. This may be bringing in more art and poetry into warm-ups and opportunities to use English to express more personal stories and experiences with classmates. These choices liven my virtual classroom and make the last few weeks of the school year even more vibrant. Thanks for the post, Susan!


Kevin Belcher

WOW! Reading about your surprises sure brightened my day, Kevin! Who needs flowers when you use poetry and storytelling to liven up class! You're right that we are entering a time when it's easier for students to check out a bit more. I like how much of what you've mentioned switches the tone more toward creativity, so changing up the landscape of your day-to-day will bring such curiosity to your class.

I appreciate your shared ideas!