The Centennial of Women's Suffrage -- lesson activities -- video with timeline and vocabulary matching

Hello colleagues, For the past couple of weeks in my advanced English class, with students who are preparing for an HSE, we've been learning about women's suffrage in the US. Many of you are aware that next week (August 26th) will be the centennial of women's suffrage in our country. 

We've been watching videos, examining primary documents, and reading about this decades-long struggle by so many inspiring women. The civil rights protests that we were reminded of upon the recent death of John Lewis as well as the massive Black Lives Matter protests that took place after the murder of George Floyd are reminiscent of those that took place during the early 1900s in the fight for women's suffrage. It's clear that when people perservere, positive changes can be wrought.

Today we viewed and discussed the History Channel video 19th Amendment History, which chronicles the 70-year history of women's suffrage. Here's a link to the video transcript for those who might be interested. As part of the lesson, we studied vocabulary and created a timeline of events. 

Here's part one of a vocabulary matching activity I created using the Flippity Manipulatives template on And we used the Flippity Timeline template to make our timeline. 

A couple of things I really like about the Flippity task creation website, especially for remote teaching, is that students do not need to register or even sign in. All teachers need to do is share the link. Students are able to collaborate on some of the tasks, including the vocabulary matching activity which they can complete together in their Zoom breakout room with one student sharing his or her screen.

I'm happy to share parts of this women's suffrage unit with teachers. Please add comments here on LINCS and let us know how it's going in your class this summer.

Take care, Susan Finn Miller

Moderator, Teaching & Learning CoP