COABE 2021

With COABE around the corner, I wonder if people want to highlight the preconference/conference sessions they are conducting? I have one that I would like to share, and am hoping that by publicizing here, some people may want to register for the preconference session and join me! My preconference session is scheduled for Friday, March 19th from 8:30am- 11:30am CST and is called: Decoding Instructional Strategies: What do Adult Learners need to Know? Here is the description:

Do you have learners in your classroom who have challenges improving their word reading skills? If the answer is yes, then this pre-conference session may be of interest to you. This session will cover different tools for how to teach difficult letter sounds, how to teach students to recognize vowel combinations, how to teach the decomposition of multisyllabic words, and how to teach students to use decoding strategies in an independent, flexible, and efficient manner.

To register, go to:

Daphne Greenberg

Georgia State University