Extra! Extra! What's your go-to newspaper activity?

This week is National Newspaper Week! Newspapers have been a longstanding resource in adult classrooms. 

What is your favorite way to utilize the news to get your students reading and writing? Share below!


Hi Susan,

What a great question! 

While the beloved print newspapers seem to be a relic of our past, their digital offspring provide convenient ways to teach students. The free and easily accessible New York Times Learning Network provides many great learning activities.

One favorite activity is the Lesson of the Day. Per the Times, "Each school day we select one current Times article, on topics including sports, music, politics and world issues. We provide a warm-up, questions for reading and discussion, and an extension activity, all written directly to students. We see these quick lessons as an easy way to bring current events into the classroom; discuss important news topics; expand students’ worldview; address media and news literacy; and offer opportunities for critical thinking about the important issues and ideas of the day."

I'm interested in seeing how others use the news! 

Steve Schmidt, Moderator

LINCS Reading and Writing Group