Family Literacy Strategies that Engage Adults and Children Learning Together

This Adult Education and Family Literacy week, we celebrate both our work and our students' success! You have probably heard the adage, "Teach an adult, reach a child." However, many programs do both at the same time! 

Share your strategies that engage both children and adults learning together!


Hi Susan,

Thanks for asking this intriguing question! 

Parent and Child Together Time (PACT) is one of the four cores of family literacy. This site suggested several interesting PACT activities:

Cover Up Board Game: Including directions and a printable game board, Cover Up Board Game helps you and your child practice your addition skills!

Find the Missing Digit: Play this math game if you want to work with your child on number placements! Focus on teaching your child the importance of placing numbers in the right spot!

Make Money Make Cents Game: Is your child struggling with the value of cents? Play this fun, family game and help your child learn how to count cents!

Subtraction War Game: Play this fun card game and practice your subtraction skills!

Shape Safari Hunt: Want to get outside or are you stuck in your home on a rainy day? Play this game with your child and practice identifying shapes in everyday environments!

I'd love to hear some other ideas!

Steve Schmidt