FREE book "Digital Tools for Teachers"

Happy New Year, everyone!  As we begin classes in the new year, I wanted to share a useful resource for remote instruction that can be accessed for FREE. You can download Nik Peachey's book Digital Tools for Teachers at this link Nik writes, "Just click on 'Buy Now' add your email details and then this code: R98UIQIGL6 This will reduce the price to $0 Enjoy!"

While Peachey focuses on English learners, most of the online tools that are linked to in this book would be relevant for all learners.

The online resources focus on tools for teaching reading, writing, speaking, listening, grammar, presentation, surveys and polls, infographics and course creation and are usefully organized  into chapters accordingly.

As Peachey explains "At present each chapter contains between 5 - 10 different sites that have been selected to help you make a quick choice of the tools you need. All of the tools and resources selected for the book are either free or have a useable permanent freemium offering ,so you will never be forced to pay for any of these resources in order to sustain the work you are doing with your students." I should point out, however, that the lesson plans featured at the beginning of the book require a fee.

Having a list of tools such as this is valuable since Peachey has carefully vetted and annotated each one. Some teachers will be familiar with some of these tools but will certainly find others that are unfamiliar. Let us know what you've found to be especially useful.

Take care, Susan Finn Miller

Moderator, Teaching & Learning CoP