Free online debate platform

Hello colleagues, These days, many teachers are looking for effective ways to engage learners remotely. I recently learned about a free site that is designed to support students to engage in discussion and debate.  

"Kialo EDU is a free, user-friendly, online platform designed to support students to think critically, strengthen arguments, and engage in discussion and debate. It allows the teacher to post a debate question and different debate positions and invite students to participate in the debate. Under each position, students can enter evidence or reasoning as a pro or con, add links to articles or evidence they find online, “like” or comment on the value of different entries, and rate entries on a five-point scale. Teachers can see which students are participating and what they are contributing."

This looks super promising to me. If you check the site out, please let us know your thoughts.

Take care, Susan Finn Milller

Moderator, Teaching & Learning CoP