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Hello All 

West Virginia has just announced that as of January 1 it will be using the HiSET as its exclusive official HSE test. I would be very interested to hear from anyone about their experience preparing students for the HiSET. 


Jon Doherty 

Berkeley SPOKES Instructor 

Martinsburg, WV 


I echo Jon's request.

Minnesota is officially adding HiSET as an HSE option alongside the GED. I'm interested in any information from the community about similarities and differences between the two tests and experience preparing students for the HiSET.

Thank you in advance!

Kristine Kelly

ABE Literacy Coordinator, ATLAS@Hamline University

Hi Jon and Kristine,

Check out the test at a glance HERE

A great resource for the writing test is found HERE. The writing test prompt asks students to: "Write an essay in which you explain your own position on (insert issue here). 

I'm sure the test provider would be willing to do webinars where they explain each test in more detail. They did this when my state adopted this HSE in 2014.

Best wishes,

Steve Schmidt

Moderator, LINCS Reading and Writing Group 


Thank you for your response. I'll definitely check out the links you sent! The test provider is providing HiSET overviews for us at upcoming events in MN. Our teachers would also like anecdotal information about similarities and differences between the GED and HiSET from colleagues using the test, in addition to the companies behind the tests. I believe we may have found a colleague from the East Coast who will be able to do just that at our upcoming MN Language & Literacy Institute. We are certainly thrilled to get as much information as we can from as many sources as we can. :-)

I have taken the 2 of the free HiSET practice tests (FPT) and started to take the Official Practice Tests. At least in comparison to the TASC, two of the major discoveries I have made are that poetry and the scientific method are back. While the TASC did have some items that touched on the scientific method, on the HiSET texts detailing experiment are given and students must answer item about experimental and control groups, questions, hypothesis, etc. Reading and interpreting poems was not part of the TASC Reading. However, there is a poem on each of the HiSET practice tests. 

Thanks. Since WV was using the TASC, my only comparison is with that test. So, far I have noticed, thankfully, that the HiSET only requires that students know how to write an argumentative essay.  There are also a number of sample essays and essay topics available.  The HiSET not only requires a minimum scaled score of 8 on each subtest, but also requires a combined score of all the subtests of at least 45. The scaled score range on the HiSET is 1 to 20. On the Language Arts Writing there are two scores given. A scaled score for the multiple-choice portion of the test, and an essay score of 1 to 6. The minimum passing score on the essay is 2. Students must take the entire LAW over again if they do not get both a minimum scaled score of 8 on the multiple choice and a minimum score of 2 on the essay.  This potentially means that a student would have to take the entire LAW test over again even if they got above the minimum scaled score or essay score.   

Indiana has just switched over to HiSET from TASC.  While it was our understanding that HiSET was going to be more applicable to real life, we have found that is not necessarily the case.  Our school has given the HiSET test 6 times so far.  Previously, our students struggled to pass math.  That is not the case now.  Students are now struggling to pass Science and Social Studies.  Based on our discoveries, students who score at least a 3 in Level D on the TABE 11, are much more successful than the students to score in TABE Level M.  While we have had students pass, our success rate has been greatly reduced by switching over to the new HiSET.  I am hoping that over the Christmas break, I figure out how to better teach the material that is needed in order to be more successful as the previous way of teaching TASC is not working.

Do you have any idea what Science and Social Studies standards the test is based on?  When I emailed HISET this question, I received the following unhelpful reply, "Please be advised, The U.S. Department of Education College and Career Readiness Standards for Adult Education (CCRS) are standards that employers and educator panelists believed prospective employees and students needed. The CCRS specific to Science or Social Studies do not exist." 

I will have training on the HiSET on January 13, so this is on my long list of questions. 



Anybody have anymore information about this:  Due to the HiSET® transition from ETS to PSI there will be No HiSET® Testing available between September 24 and October 3, 2022.  Does anyone know why this transition is happening?  How will students who have already passed some of the HiSET exams be affected?  Any information is appreciated!



Our organization received an update from PSI this morning. I am copying and pasting it here:

What Won't Change: Their Testing Progress


Above all, we want you to know their testing progress remains intact. Test takers' previous test scores and testing history are still valid and the HiSET exam is not changing. With the transition to PSI, HiSET test takers will see plenty that's new, but the tests themselves, their testing progress, their test results, and the value of their high school equivalency credential remain unchanged. In fact, where and how they take their tests won't change much either. Watch your email for updates – we will share more in the weeks to come.


HiSET Transition Testing Freeze

Importantly, HiSET testing will be temporarily unavailable between September 24, 2022 and October 2, 2022, as we switch systems. Once testing resumes, they’ll be able to pick up where they left off in their HiSET testing.


Their MyHiSET Account


Starting on September 23, 2022, if your test takers have the option to register themselves, they will be able to open their MyHiSET accounts on the PSI system. We will share step-by-step instruction in the coming weeks. 


Test Prep Resources


We understand that access to test prep resources plays an important part in helping test takers feel as prepared as possible for their next test. The HiSET website continues to offer free practice tests and additional practice tests are available through the PSI Online Store or through your adult education program to help build their confidence for test day.


Watch for Updates


As the transition to PSI progresses to completion, we'll send periodic updates to keep you up-to-date and introduce you to new features. Be sure to add us to your contacts and look out for more news from us