It's (Usually) Tax Day!

It's tax day (though there's an extension this year) but also financial literacy month! What are your favorite resources to share with your students? Join the discussion!


Hi Susan,

I'll contribute some civics and economics (pgs. 14 - 23) lesson plans and ideas I used when I taught a 6 hour workshop on these topics. Hope these may be useful.

Teaching the Skills That Matter also has some great resources on financial literacy. 

Financial literacy is one of the most important topics we can teach our students. There are a host of people who are willing to take advantage of us financially if we let them. What we don't know financially can really hurt us! What we do know financially can really help us! 

Thanks for raising this topic,

Steve Schmidt, Moderator

LINCS Reading and Writing CoP

Thanks for beating me to the punch, Steve, and mentioning the Teaching the Skills That Matter resource! It's one of my favorites. I am also a financial coach and enjoy helping people work toward debt-free living. One of my favorite topics with students is the idea of interest via a rent-to-own ad from the newspaper. Seeing the "full cost" vs. the payment is usually eye-opening for students!