Recent conversations to check out!

Hello colleagues, I am highlighting some valuable recent discussions in our community that you may want to check out in case you missed them.

Importance of Background Knowledge in Reading Comprehension

Is building background knowledge and assessing learners on that content more effective in improving learners' comprehension than focusing on certain reading skills such as finding the main idea? Check out this discussion to weigh in!

Are you using discussion boards in your virtual classroom?

What discussion board programs work well? What are some effective ways to engage learners in discussion boards? Come join this conversation about ways to effectively integrate discussion boards into your virtual classroom.  

4 Steps for Powerful Distance-Learning

What would you say is most important when teaching virtually? One idea I believe is essential was shared in a brief by authors Douglas Fischer and Nancy Frey --"Teacher empathy: understanding students’ experiences, interests, values, and goals.” How can teachers operationalize empathy?  What else would you say is especially vital when teaching remotely?