Seeking resources on what it means to learn online

Hi everyone, I hope this email finds people well and healthy.

I am looking for a specific resource - I am advising a Montessori Pk-8 school in its move to online instruction. One of the biggest challenges in this for the school is the parents: for the most part they really don't understand what it means to learn online or what online learning "looks like", and the school needs to educate the parent community so they can be on board and as helpful as possible in these challenging times.

So I am searching for a resource that provides an overview of online learning/culture/what it looks like/what you actually do when you learn online.  I consider myself pretty savvy at searching for and IDing quality resources online but when I did an initial search I was so overwhelmed that I had no idea where to begin.

So I figured I would post my query - does anyone know of a decent resource that helps a person who has never learned online understand what it's like? 

TY in advance! Stay safe!



Hi Marie,

Take a look at this:

Be sure to watch the videos. This could give parents some idea of what to expect, using an easily-understood approach.It may not follow a strict Montessori approach however. For that you could try searching for +Montessori + K-8 + online (or virtual or remote ) teaching.


David J. Rosen



Hi David - yay! thank you I will check it out.  I've been searching for something Montessori-related but the philosophy is pretty far removed from remote learning, at least at the lower levels, so they are also in their own process of trying to get a handle on how to deliver montessori lessons online.

Thanks for this suggestion - I knew this was the place to find my answer. :-)