Some recommended discussions

Hello colleagues, I'm grateful that we have LINCS to share information and resources with one another during this difficult time. Thanks to all those who share! I am drawing your attention to some valuable discussions in our community that you may want to check out in case you missed them.

Coronavirus Instructional Resources?

How are you addressing issues around the coronavirus with learners? Check out this thread to get some ideas on the available instructional resources and lesson plans on COVID-19. Resources shared thus far include:

  • CommonLit
  • PBS Education
  • New York Times Education
  • Share My Lesson Plans

You can check out these links in the discussion. It would be great to learn about many more useful resources on this topic, so please let us know what you are finding online.

6 Ways Parents Can Support Their Kids Through the Coronavirus Outbreak

All of us who have children, including the adults in our classrooms, of course, are needing to find ways to help children understand what’s happening during this difficult time. We can play a role by sharing useful resources with the parents we serve. 

  • Check out this discussion thread to read valuable tips for how parents can support their kids, and tell us about online resources that you consider to be helpful.

The Need for Blended Learning

Our creative colleague, Paul Rogers, from California started a thread about effective ways to move ESL instruction online with all levels of learners. We are hearing from many teachers across the US who are learning new technology skills along with their students.

  • Check out this robust discussion – which is not limited to ESL-- to get many useful tips and share your own!

Please stay safe, everyone.

Regards, Susan Finn Miller

Moderator, Teaching & Learning CoP