Student Writing: Problem-Solving during the Pandemic

Hello colleagues, I wanted to pass along a wonderful lesson idea from The Change Agent that might be useful to some teachers. The lesson focuses on student writing about how they solved a problem that arose due to the pandemic. The example text is of a learner who wrote about how she learned to cut hair on YouTube, so she could cut her husband’s hair.

This student’s story is available as traditional text with audio and as a Google slides presentation. Here’s a link to this story in three formats.

Reading this story together could be a great introduction to a lesson where learners talk and write about a problem they've solved during the pandemic. Speaking of haircuts, I could write about how my hairstylist came to my backyard garden to cut my hair in July. I could also write about how I am learning how to teach remotely. How about you?!

The Change Agent is an adult education magazine for social justice which requires a subscription, but they have a lot of free instructional materials available on their site, too.

Take care, Susan Finn Miller

Moderator, Teaching & Learning CoP