Students Create Using Google Slides to Get Acquainted

Hello colleagues, A teacher in my program started her new Zoom online class this fall by having students create a Google slide to introduce themselves to the other students in the class. She first created her own slide to introduce herself and then modeled each step for the students. Each student was given one slide and were required to add text and a graphic image. The students worked in breakout rooms to create their slides. Lots of collaboration took place in the breakout rooms. When everyone was finished with their slide, the students came back together as a whole group. They viewed the presentation with each student having the opportunity to introduce him or herself to the whole class.

I love this idea that effectively integrates the use of technology and collaboration to help students get acquainted. I plan to give it a try when my class starts next week. 

How are you or have you supported students to get to know each other in your new class this fall?

Take care, Susan Finn Miller

Moderator, Teaching & Learning CoP