Supporting Volunteer Tutors with Remote Instruction: Online Training Module

Hi, everyone,

Literacy New York (LNY) is a state level organization that provides technical assistance and support for a group of locally-based literacy providers in community and college settings across New York State. The majority of these programs employ the use of volunteers in their programming, and LNY specializes in offering management and training tools for this cohort.

With the onset of COVID 19 and social distancing, LNY is actively working on ways to support volunteer tutors and their adult students, so that they can continue teaching and learning.  One tool that we developed is an online tutor training module called Successful Remote Tutoring.  LNY began offering online, facilitated training for volunteer tutors about 5 years ago in our online training platform, Intake to Outcomes (I2O):  This new module offers support to volunteer tutors in using video conferencing, online lesson plan ideas, and videos showing what remote tutoring can look like in a one to one and a small group setting.  We are happy to share this resource with the field, and invite you to check it out! 

Here is how you'll access the workshop:

  • Go To:
  • Create an account (Click "sign up" in the upper right of the screen and follow the steps) 
  • Click "All Courses" in the upper right  
  • Scroll down the list of workshops and you'll see "Successful Remote Tutoring"-- click on it to start (no charge or code needed for this workshop)

We hope you find it helpful!

Kathy Houghton,

Executive Director, Literacy New York




Hello Kathy, Thank you so much for sharing this training module with the field. I'm sure many programs are wondering how they can most effectively support their many volunteers to venture into online teaching. Having access to your training is a great start!

Members, if you have questions for Kathy, please post them here.

Take care, Susan Finn Miller

Moderator, English Language Acquistion and Teaching & Learning CoPs