Welcome to the T&L Community!

Hello, and welcome to the Teaching and Learning Community! As your moderator, I'm so excited to share, learn, and grow my practice alongside you as we investigate how students learn, best tools/resources, engaging instructional techniques, and more.

I come to the community with almost 15 years of adult education experience, currently leading teacher training and curriculum development in adult/workforce education both nationally and globally. When I'm not working, though, I'm usually found running, cooking, reading, and playing on the 300 acres I call home outside of Louisville, KY.

Now, I'd love to know more about you! Especially if you're new to the group, please reply and introduce yourself! Some things you might want to include are: 

  • Your name
  • Your role(s) in adult basic skills education, and/or in other types of education
  • Your program and agency/organization/institution and state
  • Your interest areas in teaching and learning -- what you would like to learn, what you would like to share with colleagues here
  • What you are hoping to get from being a member of this CoP

Please join me!
Susan Roberts,