What is your Why?

Teacher Appreciation Week was earlier this month, and I know that it has been a long few years for those in the classroom! It's easy to get caught up in focusing on difficult times that we can sometimes forget the why behind the what that we do for our students each day.

Share your WHY below!


A more relevant question is why I stay in adult education: former ad ed teacher, former supervisor, current department administrator of ad ed programs.  When we find our one, true love we do everything to keep that love in our lives.  I love the enthusiasm of adult ed teachers.  I love the life changes adult learners have because of education.  I love seeing our adults move ahead, contribute to employment, and change the lives of their children.  All because of opportunities in our adult education programs.  It can be heart wrenching and stressful, challenging and overwhelming---like relationships often are.  Yet the joy, the invigoration, the rewards that come from impacting lives light my life day after day after day. 

Peg, this is so inspirational! Your "why" sounds similar to mine, and likely to many adult educators. I'm here for the teachers who are underappreciated and the students who are well-served despite many barriers on our end and theirs. Your response has reinvigorated my own "why," so thank you for sharing!