Your Favorite Virtual Formative Assessments

Keeping students engaged in a virtual environment is a challenge! What are your favorite instructional tools and techniques to formatively assess/check in with student understanding? Share below!


Hi, Susan, and welcome to this group!

I really love to use the "scales" option on Mentimeter to do a quick formative assessment on my learning targets for a virtual lesson. It's easy to set up, and students can do it quickly on their phones or tablets (by dragging the dot wherever they want along each line) or on their computers (using the mouse to drag the dot). My students like to see the real-time results, and we often discuss the "data" and what we think should be the next steps for the class. 

I have an example here of what one of my learning target slides looks like in my Zoom class, what students see on their phones, and what we all see for the real-time data.

I'd love to hear other ideas! In my opinion, now more than ever students need to see the progress they're making, and we as teachers need to do all kinds of formative assessment virtually because we may not be able to see student faces or circulate around a room where we can look over shoulders! I admit that I used to be hit and miss with formative assessment (intending to do it but often running out of time), but now I try to make it part of every Zoom class, as it is every bit as integral as any academic content I also plan on presenting.

Hi Susan. My favorites in include Go Formative, Edpuzzle, Quizizz, and most recently, Nearpod. These all play nicely with the mobile devices our students tend to be on, plus they are engaging and all have free versions! These are wins for me! I am interested in hearing others thoughts on this. I might extend this discussion to our Technology Integration group as well! 

Great topic Susan!

Google Forms self scoring quiz is one of my favorite formative assessments that is mobile friendly.  I also like Kahoot a fun formative assessment

I'm also interested in the idea of digital storytelling as a formative or summative assessment.  For example, students can record a video demonstrating or teaching a lesson, telling about a historical event from another person's perspective, telling a story form their own lives etc.--all related to what they've been learning in class.  I just came a cross this Next Vista for Learning that has some great ideas and a competition!  I can imagine using Flipgrid, Voicethread, or even YouTube for this.

Has anyone tried digital storytelling as a formative or summative assessment?  What are the challenges and benefits?