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Science Lessons

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Deepen Your Science Instruction (And Have Fun, Too!)

Every day we make important decisions that require a foundation of scientific knowledge. In a COABE –PAACE 2014 interactive workshop, participants developed lessons to give practice in digging deeper into the science content of everyday situations. These lessons drew upon the Eight Scientific Practices discussed in the free online LINCS course “Engaging Adult Learners in Science.”  This micro group provides additional learning activities and discussion through the LINCS Science Community of Practice.

By joining this group, participants will be able to:

  • practice using the “Eight Scientific Practices” framework with a science topic from the news
  • work with colleagues to develop a science module for use in classrooms
  • access additional resources for science instruction
  • continue interaction through a structured learning activity
  • continue discussion of ways in which to integrate science into adult education instruction

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