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How do I change my email notification (subscription) settings?

To adjust your email notifications settings, please follow these steps:

  • Sign in to the LINCS Community, then select My LINCS from the navigation bar near the top of the page.
  • Select My Subscriptions from the user menu.

Screenshot for how to manage email notifications​​


  • For each group that you belong to, select how often you wish to receive email notifications by using the Email Subscription drop down menu. The options are Immediate, 12 Hour Digest, 24 Hour Digest, or None

    Screenshot of how to change email subscription settings

  • If you choose Immediate, the website will send an email notification right away whenever any posts or comments are made to the group.

  • If you choose 12 Hour Digest or 24 Hour Digest, any post or comment activity during the specified time period will be grouped into a single email, delivered together at 12 or 24 hour intervals. If no activity happens during that time frame, no email will be sent.

  • If you choose None you will receive no notifications about group activity and will only know if there are posts or comments if you visit the website to check. You can find recent posts and comments for all public groups at the Recent Group Activity page (, or see recent activity on the page for each group.

  • Once you have made changes to your email notification settings, select Save at the bottom of the list.