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Using the State Leadership Self-Assessment and Asset Map Tools to Gauge WIOA Priorities and Implementation

Join the LINCS Professional Development (PD) Center on November 29 at 1:30 PM EST to learn about new tools designed to help states assess and plan their priorities for implementation of WIOA’s state leadership activity requirements set forth in WIOA Section 223. The State Leadership Self-Assessment will help states inventory PD strengths and areas for improvement, track alignment with WIOA requirements for state leadership activities, identify connections between the quality of PD offerings and the strength of the system/program components, and support planning and implementation of establishing or operating a high-quality PD program. The Asset Map Tool will help states create achievable milestones learned by completing the State Leadership Self-Assessment.

During this webinar, you will tour both tools, understand their purpose and use, and hear from Utah and Virginia on the applicability for state usage.

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The LINCS Team