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Using Relevant Data to Teach Percentage, Pie and Bar Graphs

The Center for Workforce Education (CWE), at Georgetown University, recently published the report, Balancing Work and Learning Implications for Low-Income Students.  This report shares survey data from the U.S. Census, as well as CWE director, Anthony Carnevale.  The numbers are sobering for low-income, adult learners who work and attend college.  Below are several highlights from the report:

Gerunds and infinitives can be confusing!

Hello colleagues, I'm teaching a high intermediate class right now. It's not surprising that a lot of the texts we are reading in class feature gerunds and infinitives.My approach to teaching grammar at this level is to teach the grammar contextually in order to better understand the texts we are reading.

Focus on Civics

Hello colleagues, There has been a lot of talk about the importance of civics education recently. Some members may be familiar with the amazing civics resources online that were created as a project of former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor. At the iCivics website, you can find fully developed lesson plans on a wide range of civics topics, complete with student handouts. The lessons are tailored at the middle school and high school levels, but can be easily adapted for adults; some are even designed for English learners.

Advice on drafting curriculum to align with CCRS and TABE 11/12

Virginia Department of Corrections plans to update its academic Adult Basic Education curriculum to further align with College and Career Readiness Standards as well as TABE 11/12.  Have any other state correctional education programs recently engaged in this process?  What's your advice?

Reading and Writing CoP Focus

Our Reading and Writing CoP focuses on several topics. Which would you like to discuss?

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Bringing technology into facilities

I invite you to check out this brief resource: LINCS for Correctional and Reentry Education Instructors. I am very interested in learning how (and if) you are bringing technology driven resources into your classroom. The flier highlights three emerging approaches to Internet access and they include isolated local servers, point-to-point secure lines, and restricted internet connections.

What Are Your Favorite Writing Teaching/Learning Topics ?

When you think of teaching writing what topics do you like to teach the most or want to learn more about?  Select one and add others in the New Comment area below.

Using conversation to assess learning

Hello colleagues, We hear a lot about the importance of formative assessment, which is sometimes referred to as assessment FOR learning. In fact, formative assessment is something excellent teachers do almost instinctually. We are always paying attention to learners and checking on how well they understand. We do this through questioning the whole class as well as questioning and listening to students one-on-one. 


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