Discussion: New Adult on the Block?

I facilitate online graduate courses for K-12 teachers who are usually seeking recertification. One of the areas on my list of choices includes Reading/Writing/Literacy/ELL instruction. The course I'm currently facilitating is "Teaching Vocabulary: Word Meaning and Word Knowledge (PreK-2!)." This week's topic focuses on Anchored Word Learning, intended for teachers to use during read alouds as an additional way to introduce words. 

Discussion: Consensus Statement #3


  1. Do you think that any of these adults had a diagnosed LD? Yes. Since I am working with adult learners they probably were embarrassed or the work became far to difficult to cope with so they gave up. 

Discussion: Krashen on Phonics and Libraries

Are Krashen's views valid? Do they apply to our adults as well? Any librarians out there? Phonics instructors?

Krashen on Phonics



Krashen on Phonics

Discussion: New Reader for those who live on Skid Row in Los Angeles


Here's a Smithsonian article about a book for teaching English with homeless adults.


Discussion: Which is easier to learn grammar or vocabulary?

Hello colleagues, What factors do you think make a language easier or more challenging to learn? When you are learning another language, which is easier for you, grammar or vocabulary? Is it the same for the learners you teach?  Does the difficulty depend on the particular language?

Discussion: Proper or Improper Staging

We've touched on the four commonly identified reading components: Alphabetics, Fluency, Vocabulary, and Comprehension. We could certainly take off on further discussions about those! Are they in chronological order? Can they all be addressed at the same time? If you want to target those, start a new discussion thread, and we'll jump right in to extend it into a piece of art! Don't know how? Go to the LINCS Help Page, and you'll find a list of fantastic tutorials on getting a lot of things done, including opening a discussion thread!

Discussion: Nick Foles Speaks about Failure

Hello colleagues, I live near Philadelphia, and today the city is celebrating the Eagles big Super Bowl win. Eagles quarterback Nick Foles, the MVP and hero of the game, is quickly becoming a folk hero. You may have seen the video of Foles recorded after the game in which he speaks about the value of failure in one's success. It's almost as if we can't have one without the other!

Discussion: Teaching Writing to English Learners: Successes and Challenges?

Hello colleagues, How do you approach the teaching of writing with English learners? Do you use journaling? Do students write narratives? Do they write in response to reading? How do you provide feedback to students on their writing?

What has worked well for you in teaching writing? What challenges have you faced? What questions do you have about teaching writing?

Discussion: What does culturally responsive teaching look like?

Hello colleagues, How would you definite "culturally responsive pedagogy," a term coined by Gloria Ladson-Billings in 1994? What does culturally responsive teaching look like in an adult literacy classroom? What should we teachers be aware of when it comes to cultural competence?

Since the learners we serve come from many different cultural backgrounds, this is an especially important topic for us. Thank you for contributing your thoughts.

Cheers, Susan Finn Miller

Moderator, Teaching & Learning CoP


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