Discussion: Sign-Language=Writing and Reading?

We don't often mention signing in this forum. Why not? Christine Sun Kim provides an excellent example of another way to read and write English, with a grammar structure that is rich with emotion. Take a look at The enchanting music of sign language clip. What do you think?

Discussion: Teaching Excellence in Adult Literacy Online Courses

The Teaching Excellence in Adult Literacy (TEAL) courses improve the quality of teaching in adult education by focusing on improving instructional strategies used in math and writing classrooms. Each facilitated course is 3 weeks in length, taking approximately 6 hours to complete. The courses are:

Discussion: Ten Reading Passages Celebrating African Americans

Hello colleagues, February is African American history month, and I'm sure many teachers will focus some lessons on this important aspect of US history. Koye Oyadeji has posted ten passages, including poetry from various writers as well as fiction and non-fiction pieces at different grade levels on the CommonLit website. This site is free but requires registration. If you are looking for texts to use in February, this blog post is great.

Discussion: Setting Personal Boundaries with Technology


The semester has just begun and I recently finished a text messaging conversation with a student about an assignment. I also had to decline a snap chat invitation from another student. Often, students attempt to 'friend' me on facebook. 

Beyond this, I have connected with colleagues as they have reached out to me on various social media channels. 

Discussion: Favorite High School Equivalency prep websites?

Hello colleagues, What websites have you and the students you teach found to be especially helpful in preparing for the GED®, HiSET or TASC? I think it would be great if we can create a comprehensive list here on LINCS.

Thanks for sharing your favorites!

Cheers, Susan Finn Miller

Moderator, Teaching & Learning CoP

Discussion: Groundhog's Day?

Hello colleagues, I recall a conversation with an acquaintance a few years ago who thought it must be challenging to teach immigrants about Halloween. I told her that many cultures around the world have a similar holiday, so a lot of immigrants can relate to Halloween. What's more challenging is explaining Groundhog's Day!

Discussion: LESLLA

Hello All

Please see the announcement below from LESLLA (Literacy Education and Second Language Learning for Adults). LESLLA is an international group that focuses its efforts on adult language learners with interrupted or limited formal schooling. Please read through the announcement for more information.  


Discussion: Home of the Brave by Katherine Applegate

Has anyone read this book with ELL students?  Our adult ed program is using this book for our student Book Club this spring.  Over two months, we will have about 100 students in four class levels (CASAS reading scores approx.185-225) reading and discussing the book in class.  Then we plan to gather as a large group for a final event/celebration in May.

If you’ve used this book, any resources you could share would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance for your help!


Event: WorkforceGPS: WIOA State Plans - Using the Online Portal for Plan Submission

In coming weeks, states will be submitting the required two-year modification for Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) Unified and Combined State Plans.  This training provides an overview of the submission platform, a.k.a. the State Plan Portal, and its features.  

Topics will include how to obtain an account, permission levels, navigation of the portal, data entry, how to ensure the contents of the plan are 508-compliant, and other mechanics of using the system.  This training is intended for new users as well as those who need to refresh their knowledge.

Thursday, February 8, 2018 -
1:00pm to 2:30pm
Online webinar

Discussion: 2018 Winter Olympics Lesson Ideas

Hello colleagues, The 2018 Winter Olympics will be held in PyeongChang, South Korea, beginning February 9 through February 25.

Here is a link to a great many lesson ideas on the Education Word website. Many of these lesson ideas look super interesting and include printables. The site includes lessons on:


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