Discussion: Business Engagement in Supporting the Education Pipeline

How have you nurtured you business relationships to benefit the workplace learning of your students?  

What benefits have been derived from you industry/business partnerships?

Have you used business partners in unique ways not discussed in the webinar?  What are they?

Discussion: Envisioning a disability-friendly workplace

Hi group members,
Is your workplace an environment where employees with disabilities can work hard, work safely, and be appreciated for their effort?   Accommodating those employees, as well as customers and others, is not only a duty, it’s also effective business practice.

Discussion: Cooperative learning and assessment

Hello Colleagues, Among my favorite instructional activities are those that can be used to assess how much students have learned. One I use a lot, most recently in the citizenship classes I’ve been teaching, is the classic cooperative learning technique called “Numbered Heads.” In Numbered Heads, students work in a small group of three or four. Each student is assigned a number. The teacher poses a question and indicates which student in the groups is responsible to answer the question. For example, all those with #3 are expected to give the answer.

Discussion: Addition of Integers

My students were working on addition of integers to improve skills in preparation for the text. I incorporated a presentation on the rules for addition of integers, a worksheet containing similar problems for the students to work, and the document camera and projector.  Students used the document camera to explain their work to students in the class.

After the lesson, students were given a second worksheet of addition of integers.  6 of 8 students completed the worksheet with 80% accuracy or better.

Discussion: Everyone On--low cost access to internet and tech devices

Discussion: Announcement: Printables for Earth Day from MakeBeliefsComix.com

Dear colleagues,

You can find many free printables for your students to celebrate Earth Day April 22 at http://www.makebeliefscomix.com/Printables/PrintablesThumbs.php?category=Environment_and_Ecology

They promote discussion and writing for English Language Learners. 

Please enjoy and share!

Bill Zimmerman

Creator, MakeBeliefsComix.com

Discussion: Identify "Big C" and "Little c" Culture

Beloved by Toni Morrison big "C" a book that has become a movie

Star Wars by George Lucas big "C" viewed internationally

a McDonald's menu little "c". McDonalds itself is big "C", the menu little "c"

Jeremy Lin big "C"  international known

a Groupon Voucher little "c". I had to google for infomation

Madonna big "C". she will be remembered for a long time

Betsy Ross' flags big "C" history books will keep her relevant

The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald  big "C" is a classic and will be for a long time

Discussion: The Increase in Autism

Hi all,

Discussion: Week 3 Watching Teaching in Action

Greetings to all,

April 21 – 25 is the start of week 3 of our activity in the College and Career Standards Group. The video for this week focuses on informational texts.  The short video begins with students expressing their difficulties reading and using complex texts.  You will see how the instructor, Ms. Wessling, uses a strategy to overcome their challenges.  I think that viewing this video can provide you with insight that is transferable to adult education classes.

Discussion: Understanding communicative needs of ELLs

We are fortunate enough to have enough staff per student to have the one on one time needed to establish and act on the needs of our students. We plan lessons based on both real world needs and testing needs. I think we would serve our students even better by taking them out into the community and helping them with both their understanding and communication with the world they live in. In addition real world objects such as forms and menus would serve them well for activities in class.


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