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Health Literacy Advisory software one-month free license

Dear friends, if you ever wanted to use the Health Literacy Advisor, this is your chance.

You can download it for one-month free license. All you have to do is participate in the HLA evaluation survey at the link below. 

Note: For those of you who were interested, and did not qualify, we've made some changes to the survey and simplified things a lot….

I invite you to try again but hurry, this link expires 11/5

Jigsaw Vocabulary

Hello friends, I recently came across a Teaching Channel video that demonstrates a vocabulary activity that intrigued me. I was eager to try this activity out and was able to do so last week. I'll explain how it worked in my pre-CNA class.

Workplaces that Cover Autism Treatment for their Employees

Hi all,

Here is some interesting information about Autism.  

    * 1 in 68 children receive a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) - Source:  U.S, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

   *  37 states have laws in place requiring insurers to cover autism treatment, the first one being Indiana in 2001  -  Source: Autism Speaks

   *  Among large self-funded employees, 82% include services for autism -   Source: Mercer's 2013 National Survey of Employer-Sponsored Health Plans


​U.S. Mobile Device and Home Internet Use is on the Rise: Implications for Learners

​U.S. Mobile Device and Home Internet Use is on the Rise: Implications for Learners

Figure 2: Mobile Phone Use by Family Income, Percent of Persons Age 25+, 2011-2012

Connecting Research to Practice in Health Literacy

Hi Everyone,

I want to invite you to a thread on the Health Literacy Group, and if you like, a discussion on the IHA Health Literacy Discussion List. The purpose of the discussion is to explore ways to improve the collaboration and understanding between research and practice in health literacy. 

Resource Highlight: Literacy, Learning and Health

Hi There,

This report has been in the LINCS Resource collection for a while, and it may be interesting for you to look at. It details a comprehensive descriptive study, which examined the relationships between literacy, learning and health among adult learners in the United Kingdom.

I invite you to take a look at this thread in the Health literacy group: Literacy, Learning and Health!


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