Discussion: Welcome, David Kehe! Discussion on Teaching Grammar

Notice: Grammar for Writing: You don’t have to be an expert

Calling all ESL teachers! Do you struggle with integrating grammar into your lessons? LINCS is pleased to announce a discussion with ESL teacher and well-known author David Kehe. David’s approach to grammar instruction is far from traditional, but it is highly effective, especially for students with some speaking skills in English and limited formal schooling.  

Discussion: Competition or Cooperation?

Recently I had a conversation with an adult educator who was worried that my ESL class in the library was in competition with the classes offered by the local community college.

The person’s concern was centered on the perception that, if people attended my class or other classes in local community centers, then attendance would fall in the community college and …classes would be cancelled and…. teachers would lose their jobs.

Discussion: ESL on a Thumbdrive

As part of my adult ESL classes, I have added my texts and videos to a thumbdrive which, of course, can be copied to the students' device in a few minutes. My texts have all been converted into PDFs, and include workbooks and Graded Readers. The videos focus on pronunciation. So now not only are my students using their own computers at home, but they have almost my entire course on the thumbdrive. Pumarosa is also on a CDRom in case a student does not have the internet. Almost all my students use smartphones, so they can study English at any time and anywhere!

Discussion: White House hosted a prison reform meeting on Thursday

I read that the White House hosted a prison reform meeting today to "discuss ways to equip non-violent prisoners with the skills and opportunities needed for an honest second chance to correct their course in life and return to society as productive, law-abiding citizens."  I hope this means that Adult Education will be something they discussion.  Does anyone know any more news about this?  Here is a link to the article:  http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/white-hous

Discussion: I woke up to a Winter Storm and wondered how I could make this a lesson

This morning in Kansas, we are experiencing an extreme weather change - yesterday our high was 60 degrees and today at 8 a.m.

Discussion: Bridging The Digital Divide - at last!!!

We use the term “Digital Divide” to describe the fact that low-income adults are not able to afford computers or internet service and are therefore unable to access  technology as well as they could.

Usually these adults are immigrants who know little or no English, the “low-beginners”.

Well, now there is a solution to this problem that includes:

Discussion: Communicators for Virtual Conference!

CALL FOR PROPOSALS: LINCS VIRTUAL CONFERENCE: Adult Education in the 21st Century: Preparing Students for Their Future, March 1st-15th, 2018

Notice: LINCS Needs You! Sign-up for LINCS Virtual Conference

Calling all adult educators, program managers, and policy wonks! LINCS is looking for proposals across all Communities of Practice (CoPs). Are you up on WIOA? Know a thing or two about integrating technology? Do you have some great strategies for creating supportive classrooms or differentiating for special needs? Consider sharing your expertise, tips, best practices, and strategies with adult education professionals nationwide.

Discussion: Each One Recruit One

As a Laubach trainer long ago, I constantly implemented the excellent motto: "Each One Teach One." Later, I discovered that we learn what we teach! Laubach created that motto in his early days in the Philippines, working with completely illiterate populations at the time in hopes of spreading literacy like fire. 


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