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Teaching about the Midterm Elections: Resources?

Hello colleagues, This fall, I am planning to focus on the midterm elections in my new class. I'm wondering if anyone can recommend any general online resources on this topic. I'd like to share some relevant national information with learners about the midterms and how the results impact how the US Congress functions.

Of course, we will also discuss races that are relevant locally. Thanks for any information you can offer!

Cheers, Susan Finn Miller

Moderator, Teaching & Learning CoP



Starting a New Class

Hello colleagues, Fall is usually a time for new beginnings. Many of us will start our new fall classes soon. What do you usually do on the first day of class? How do you get acquainted with new students and help learners get acquainted with one another?

I'd love some fresh ideas for that first day and first week of a new class!

Cheers, Susan Finn Miller

Moderator, English Language Acquisition CoP

Math in Context: Math for the Workplace [Webinar]

Learners that can decode real world situations into math problems and reach a correct solution have an employment advantage. So, how do adult education instructors contextualize math instruction to prepare learners for success in the workplace?

Information Literacy

Hello LINCS Colleagues,

Today's Webinar: Readworks and Google Classroom

Do you use free online classrooms with your learners? I use Moodle a lot, but administering that app requires some effort and server space. is a site that holds free, wonderful reading materials categorized by K-12 grade level. Despite the K-12 labeling, many, many of the readings will engage adult learners at different levels as well.  Each reading can be read aloud with  additional links to instructional content. 

It's Back to School Time

It's back to school time all over the country. This is a busy time for students, teachers, program administrators, etc., and the flurry of activity can be stressful for everyone. Students can be nervous to start school or go back to school, classroom dynamics are new, and teachers have new plans and new teams. For adult learners specifically, they might be haunted by "ghosts in the classroom," or past negative experiences from K-12 education where they were unsuccessful and/or where they might have been failed by the system or the teachers.

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Where Are The STEM Jobs


I want to draw your attention to a new report from the American Association of Community Colleges about the STEM jobs. The employment sectors for STEM jobs demonstrate an advantage growth rate. The employment sectors include Wind Turbine service technicians, industrial machinery mechanics, computer user support specialist, health technologies, automotive mechanic, and home care aids. 

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Aretha Franklin Memorial: Meeting the Need for RESPECT

From Tom Sticht, A Memorial Tribute to Aretha Franklin: Meeting the Need for RESPECT with Adult Basic Skills Education

5-Day ESL EdTech Jumpstart Challenge

Hello ESL Instructors - 

ESL EdTech Course
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