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Phonics as Supersonics?

Earlier this year, we held a highly interactive, weeklong discussion on phonics instruction, Let's Talk Phonics.

"Show Me the Good Money" financial literacy app

Hello Financial Literacy colleagues,

I just read about this financial literacy app developed by a Goodwill group in Florida, and wonder if it would be useful for adult basic skills programs. Do you know about it? Have you tried it? Would you recommend it? The app, which is free, is available at the Google Play store by searching "Show Me the Good Money."

David J. Rosen

Do you use data for deision making in your program?

Hello Program managers,

Do you use data to make decisions in your program? If so, what kinds of data do you collect and use, and how do you use it?

Strategies for Creating Text-Based Writing Prompts?

I was also recently in Idaho working with a group of program directors and teachers on the CCR Standards. We focused on the key advances that define the CCR Standards for ELA/Literacy. The hardest work of the day was developing text-based writing prompts that build knowledge and develop writing skills. Creating writing prompts that consolidate students’ understanding of complex texts is challenging work. In order to ensure that the prompt results in the kind of response we anticipate, we talked about answering the prompt ourselves before assigning it to students.

Over 2,000 Practice Sets from Khan Academy—Aligned to the CCRS and TABE 11/12

I threatened to do this a long time ago, Once I had the things (and Excel knowledge) in place that were needed, it took me maybe 5 hours to get it done?

CrowdED Learning has created downloadable/copyable spreadsheets containing all of the practice sets from Khan Academy, aligned to the College & Career Readiness Standards for Adult Education and TABE 11+12 (including indication of emphasis). I'm interested in seeing if folks want to take a look and perhaps have a follow up discussion on what best practices could be shared out to the field on how to use these. 

This image shows what the alignment spreadsheet looks like.

Adult Education program coordinator with cerebral palsy speaks about disability & teaching

Hi. This is the first time I've posted on the LINCS discussion, but I wanted to share a video. 

The River Parishes Community College Adult Education program coordinator in Reserve, Louisiana, is Mr. William McGee, Jr. He's been working as an adult ed instructor for over 20 years and is an inspiration to students. 

Implementing the CCR Standards for Mathematics

I was recently in Idaho working with a group of program directors and teachers on the CCR Standards for Mathematics.  The focus of our time together was on the key instructional advances that define the CCR Standards and on the Standards for Mathematical Practice that are so critical to building deeper understanding of mathematics in our adult learners.  Since many states have now adopted the CCR standards and are in the process of implementing them, I have a couple of questions:

Inviting guest speakers to class

Hello colleagues, A couple of weeks ago, I noticed that one of our HSE classes had a guest speaker from one of our community partners who came to talk to students about possible training opportunities. We've also had guest speakers come from the various colleges and the CTE as well as guests who have talked with students about potential financial aid options.

Getting Office 2016 for Adult ESL Students


I am teaching an English and Microsoft Office Specialist Certification class. Unfortunately, most of my students do not have Office 2016 on their home computers and they have been asking if I know of any free or subsidized office software so they can practice at home. Because my students are studying for the MOS exams, a previous version or free open Office version is not going to benefit them. Anyone know of a source for getting free or subsidized Office 2016?




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COABE Virtual Conference Tomorrow!

If you are a COABE member, I hope you'll take a minute to join this conference and review the agenda for tomorrow and Friday. If you are not a COABE member, please consider joining. The benefits are numerous throughout the year and culminate in COABE's annual conference in late March, which will be held in New Orleans this year. Also, spread the word among your colleagues and program staff.


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