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Openings in TEAL online courses

We have a few openings in two of the facilitated, online courses that we’re offering through the LINCS Professional Development Center.  

Student Centered Learning: Keys to Motivation and Persistence, May 21–June 11, 2018

Deeper Learning Through Questioning, June 11–July 2, 2018

Adding complexity through one-question interview

Hello colleagues, One of my favorite teaching activities over the last few years is one I learned from my friend and colleague Betsy Parrish. Betsy wrote the ESL Pro issue brief and developed the online module, "Meeting the Needs of Today's Adult English Learners." The focus of these materials is on enhancing the complexity of our teaching to support and accelerate learners to reach their important goals. You may recall that Betsy was a guest discussion leader not long ago.

Bar graph shows 9 students (5 women, 4 men) have a garden. Seven students  (5 women and 2 men) do not have a graden.

Free and Open Reading and Writing Resources!

Jeff Goumas has just posted a discussion, "Free & Open Resources for Academic, Employability, and 21st-Century Skills,"  providing information about an amazing set of materials in many disciplines, including Reading and Writing, which is right up our alley.

Free & Open Resources for Academic, Employability, and 21st-Century Skills

Happy Monday!

I wanted to share something we recently launched to promote the increased use of free and open educational resources in adult education. 

CrowdED Learning just launched its first Skill Directory—a set of 11 subject-area PDFs, each of which includes a listing of comprehensive, free resources that can be used to support instruction in each subject area. Each PDF can be downloaded, or can be copied over as a Google Doc into Drive so you can add whatever additional resources you might want. 

A resource from ACTE : Career and Technical Education's Role in Rural Education


Community members, please see this issue sheet from ACTE on Career and Technical Education's Role in Rural Education. It shows how "CTE educators and institutions are skilled at flexibly addressing the challenges of the rural ecosystem."

Please share your reactions and comments.

2 minute intro to exponents

I wanted to get students to think about exponential notation... this isn't really "visual" or "concrete" -- but explores what a little superscript number has to say...  

Short PD ELA training

A K-12 ESL/AEL teacher in Texas  just wrote asking if I could recommend courses/PD training to meet her district's requirement of  24 hours of training each year. She has a lot of offerings in her city but she wants to expand her options a bit. Does anyone here have suggestions that I can send her way? Leecy



LINCS' 2018 Summer Training Series

The LINCS Professional Development Center is offering its second annual Summer Training Series to help trainers learn how to deliver or support the delivery of selected LINCS trainings. These virtual offerings help trainers understand the content of a training, learn tips and strategies for delivery, and provide the opportunity to ask questions about the training itself. The Summer Training Series is delivered by the developer of the training.

Register now for one or more virtual sessions in Summer Training Series!

Webinar! Closing the Academic Achievement Gap With Math Pathways

Failing to meet remedial math requirements is a known barrier to degree completion. On May 31 from 3-4 pm ET, the Minority Serving Community Colleges and Affiliates Group welcomes Dr.


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