Discussion: Join our Interview of Career Pathways Leader: Carrie Scheiderer

Welcome to LINCS' first, asynchronous interview!

Discussion: Oprah and Communication

In today's article "Be a Better Storyteller - Watch Oprah's Golden Globes Speech," Bill McGowan, CEO, Clarity Media Group Inc., says, "Among the clients that come to us for speech coaching, two questions are asked more than any others. One is, "how do I become a better storyteller?" The other?

Discussion: What does learner-centered teaching mean to you?

Hello colleagues, We seem to hear a lot about the importance of learner-centered practice. What does learner-centered instruction mean to you as someone who teaches adult English learners?  If we walk into any adult ESL classroom, what would be the telltale signs that the class is learner-centered? What would we look for? How might we draw upon technology to make our instruction more learner-centered?

Looking forward to hearing everyone's thoughts on this!

Cheers, Susan Finn Miller

Moderator, English Language Acquisition

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The LINCS Professional Development Center is offering 16 virtually-facilitated, freely available courses in our Teaching Excellence in Adult Literacy (TEAL) series over the next several months. TEAL courses improve the quality of teaching in adult education by focusing on improving instructional strategies used in math and writing classrooms.

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Notice: Today! Career Pathways Leader, Carrie Scheiderer

Don’t forget: Today, January 9th, Carrie Scheiderer will join the LINCS Community for an interview about her approach to advocating for and developing career pathways and partnerships. The event will start by 8AM today, the 9th, and will conclude at the end of the day. Bring your questions for Carrie and Mike Cruse, Career Pathways Moderator, or just follow along as she explains how she uses the LINCS Resource Collection to develop greater opportunities for adults in her communities.

Discussion: Learn to Earn Toolkit: Employability Skills

Hello colleagues, I'm guessing some members are familiar with the"Learn to Earn Toolkit," an online resource focused on employability skills. You can find a review and a link to the toolkit in the LINCS Resource Collection. This resource includes instructional materials focused on the following skills:

Discussion: MLK Day: What are some good online resources?

Hello colleagues, I'm sure many classrooms will be focused on Martin Luther King Day this week and next. What are some excellent online resources you have used for your lessons highlighting this historically important holiday? Thanks for letting us know!

Cheers, Susan Finn Miller

Moderator, Teaching & Learning CoP


Discussion: Listening = Reading?

In "It Takes a Reader To Grow a Reader: When Adults Don't Read, Kids Lose," by Jennifer LaGarde and Todd Nesloney, the authors claim that "It’s time for educators to make their own reading lives a priority so that they can, in turn, help students grow their own." Listed under their tips to "help all educators unlock the reader inside them that’s just waiting to get out" is the following tip, which I found very interesting and worth of discussion.

Discussion: New Competencies for Getting through the Digital Gauntlet to a Job Interview

Hello LINCS Colleague,

Are you designing curriculum or teaching adult learners to prepare for jobs or careers? Do you manage a career pathways program for adult learners? If so, my Adult Literacy Education blog article,  After Career Preparation Mastery, Getting through the Digital Gauntlet to a Job Interview, may be of interest.

Discussion: Open Your Classroom with Open Education Resources OER Module 3 Reflection

How can this info influence my teaching?

The information that I learned from this class with influence my teaching in a positive way. I now have more knowledge on how to streamline the way I search teaching material, while being sure of how the material I find is licensed. I am also excited to be part of a larger community of educators that uses educational technology resources similar to the way I do. I am always revising and creating new resources to use in my  classes and OER Commons provides an excellent conglomeration of reliable and rated sources that I can utilize.


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