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Don’t Miss Out! Today’s Webinar: Strategies for Working with Immigrant Professionals

Event Title: Strategies for Working with Immigrant Professionals

Event Type: Webinar and Follow-Up Discussion

Date(s): TODAY! From 3 – 4:30 PM EST

 Discussion: Following Webinar in LINCS Adult English Language Learners Group

Registration: Register now!


Dear LINCS Community,


Today from 3 – 4:30 PM EST, the LINCS Adult English Language Learners group will host an interactive webinar on acclimating immigrant professionals to the workplace.

The Welcoming Center for New Pennsylvanians is a Philadelphia-based organization that connects newly-arrived U.S. immigrants with employers and professional development resources. Three staff members from the Welcoming Center will share their strategies for serving immigrant professionals:

  • Manual Portillo—Director of Immigrant Professionals Program
  • Nicole Pumphrey—Director of Strategic Partnerships
  • Elizabeth Wang—Education & Career Advisor

The webinar itself will cover ideas and models in place at the Welcoming Center, including some challenges adult immigrant educators struggle with as well as strategies to accelerate English language learning and develop workplace skills.

Following the webinar, presenters will continue the discussion in the LINCS Adult English Language Learners group. During the discussion, the guest speakers will delve further into the concepts and strategies presented in the webinar. We invite participants working with the immigrant professional population to add their own successful or not-quite-as-successful strategies to the discussion. We hope to have a rich discussion to advance how the field serves this unique group of learners.


Register now! We hope to see you today!



The LINCS Team