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Grammar for Writing: You don’t have to be an expert

Calling all ESL teachers! Do you struggle with integrating grammar into your lessons? LINCS is pleased to announce a discussion with ESL teacher and well-known author David Kehe. David’s approach to grammar instruction is far from traditional, but it is highly effective, especially for students with some speaking skills in English and limited formal schooling.  

Join members of the LINCS Community English Language Acquisition Group  on Monday January 15ththrough Friday January 19th for an enlightening discussion with David on teaching grammar to English learners. The discussion will highlight four common questions about teaching and learning grammar:

  1. Why should students learn grammar terms? 
  2. What grammar terms are most useful for students to know, and why?
  3. What are the most effective ways to help students learn these terms? 
  4. After students have learned grammar terms, how can we use these terms to help students become better writers? 

Share your views and join the discussion in the LINCS Community English Language Acquisition Group on January 15th. See you then!


The LINCS Team