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[Join Us]: Today Starts Our Special Immigrant Integration Discussion!

Event Title: Strengthening and Transforming ESL Programs through Community Networks

Event Type: Online Discussion

Date(s): September 28-30, 2015

Greetings, Members!

Join us this morning for the Strengthening and Transforming ESL Programs through Community Networks online discussion in the Adult English Language Learners and Program Management groups.

The discussion will begin with a brief orientation to the collective impact model.

Special guests will lead this three-day, online discussion exploring the initiative, providing examples from three distinct immigrant integration networks, and sharing ways ESL programs were strengthened or transformed by this approach.

These guests include:

  • Lisa Agao (Fresno Adult School),
  • Cheryl Hiester (Lancaster Literacy Council),
  • Silja Kallenbach (World Education, Inc.),
  • Andy Nash (World Education, Inc.),
  • Karisa Tashjian (Rhode Island Family Literacy Initiative), and
  • Madeleine Taylor (Network Impact).

Also, the discussion will include an exploration of documents, webinars, and etc. housed on the Networks for Integrating New Americans website.

Please visit the discussion thread, join the conversation, and share your own thoughts and comments.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Best regards,

The LINCS Community Team