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LINCS Disabilities & Correctional Ed Chat; Meet the Presenters!

Join the LINCS Community for a discussion on adult learning disability populations in secure, correctional facilities. Whether you’re a correctional education teacher, a CTE professional, program director, curriculum developer, or are just interested in disability and correction efforts, this is sure to be an event you will not want to miss!

Next Monday, join the SMEs of the Correctional Education and Disabilities in Adult Education groups, Heather Erwin and Rochelle Kenyon, as they moderate a discussion exploring constraints and strategies for teaching adult learners with disabilities in secure facilities. Special guests Brant Choate, Steve Good, and Jennifer Zamora will provide their perspectives from the field.

Mr. Brant Choate is the Superintendent of Correctional Education, California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, where he provides statewide leadership for education programs and personnel in the adult correctional system; ensures all education services are appropriate and consistent with best practices in adult education; participates with legislators and their staff in creating public policy relating to education for adult offenders; initiates and participates in efforts to obtain and sustain partnerships with various entities who contribute to the educational delivery system of adult offenders, including executives and administrators of private foundations, administrators, professors of the state college and university systems, administrators and staff of other state departments, the Legislature, and advocacy groups; ensures rigorous standards are met to keep the Western Association of Schools and Colleges accreditation; and directs the development of departmental policies and programs that are the basis for continuous service delivery.

Mr. Steve Good is the Executive Director of the San Francisco Sheriff’s Department Five Keys Charter Schools where he provides educational services to the workforce development community at 25 locations in San Francisco and Los Angeles. These schools include the Five Keys Adult School, Five Keys Independence High School, and Five Keys Charter School. In addition to education and workforce development, the schools also provide career technical education to adult inmates in the San Francisco and Los Angeles County Jails, individuals on probation or parole, and transitional aged youth.

Jennifer Zamora is the Director of Special Education for Five Keys Charter School, the first charter school in the country to operate inside of an adult correctional facility. She holds two teaching credentials, a Masters in Special Education, an MBA and has been working in education since 2002. Her experience as an educator has ranged from infants to transitional aged youth throughout the Bay Area. A considerable amount of that time has been spent working in low income areas of San Francisco where she worked with at risk youth on emergent literacy skills and now with incarcerated transitional aged youth and adults with learning disabilities.

If you have any questions prior to the event, please share them in the discussion thread here that will be monitored by group moderators and special guests.

We look forward to speaking with you!


The LINCS Community Team