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Math, ELA, and Careers: Three Skills in One Lesson

Math, ELA, and Careers: Three Skills in One Lesson
Activity: Discussion (Ongoing)
Date: July 23-26
Time: Ongoing

An ongoing, moderated discussion in the LINCS Community on integrating and contextualizing math and English Language Acquisition (ELA) into occupational themes with effective adult basic education (ABE) and English as a Second Language (ESL) instruction.

The discussion will start on Tuesday, July 23, and continue for five days.

The LINCS Community Reading and Writing Group.

Join LINCS for an ongoing discussion about integrating math and ELA skills with occupational themes in the LINCS Reading and Writing, Math and Numeracy, and English Language Acquisition groups.

Participants will explore models to integrate and contextualize different academic skills into occupational content and discuss how sample activities and lessons align and integrate math and ELA content with workforce learning and skills. During the interactive discussion, moderators and presenters will create and share noteworthy practices, activities, and models and help participants adapt models and use resources to integrate various skills into one lesson.

Target Audience(s)
Instructors and curriculum developers

Target Population(s)
English language learners and adult basic education, adult secondary education, workforce, career pathways, and IET students


  • Brooke Istas, a nationally recognized subject matter expert in adult education mathematics, mathematics faculty at Cowley College, and the moderator of the LINCS Community Math and Numeracy Group.
  • Susan Finn Miller, a teacher and teacher educator with many years of adult literacy education experience and the moderator for the LINCS Community Adult English Language Acquisition Group and the Teaching and Learning Group.
  • Cynthia Peters, a professional development trainer and teacher instructor of various topics and an experienced adult education instructor.
  • Jeri Gue, curriculum coordinator for adult and prison education in Delaware, a LINCS and STAR trainer, LINCS Community moderator, and an experienced educator.

Jeri Gue, moderator of the LINCS Community Reading and Writing Group, will facilitate this activity.

Featured Resources

One week prior to the first day of the activity, materials will be posted in the LINCS Reading and Writing Group, the LINCS English Language Acquisition Group, and the LINCS Math and Numeracy Group. Participants will be asked to reflect on specific questions related to their interests and experience in integrating and contextualizing instruction.

Participation Instructions
To participate in this activity, attendees must be a member of the LINCS Community and a member of a host group. (Current Community and group members can simply log in to their account.) To participate:

1. Join the LINCS Community

2. Join one of the host groups:

3. Access the Group discussion thread:

Participants requiring special accommodations can call 301-828-1526 or email Stephen Coleman 7-10 days in advance. We will do our best to assist you.

Post Activity/Follow-up Materials
A summary of the discussion, as well as any follow-up materials, will be posted in the online discussion post-activity thread after the activity concludes.

The LINCS Team