If you are interested in the current state of adult literacy, want to help empower adults in their communities, or simply want to learn more about the Programme for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies (PIAAC), join the new LINCS PIAAC Literacy Circle Micro Group.

The LINCS PIAAC Literacy Circle Micro Group is a teacher-to-teacher study, problem-solving, and product-development group that will help develop new strategies and resources to improve U.S. adult literacy levels. Participating LINCS Community Members can expect to spend approximately 1-4 hours a week from September 11-October 8 reading and contributing ideas, creating segments, and discussing them with colleagues to create valuable reading and writing resources for Adult Ed ABE, HSE Prep, ESL, and Family Literacy instructors and their students.

Join the LINCS PIAAC Literacy Circle Micro Group today.

For more information, please see the earlier announcement.


-The LINCS Team

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