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Sharing the ELA/Social Studies CUNY HSE Curriculum Framework

Help optimize teaching time in your High School Equivalency (HSE) classrooms – join the Teaching and Learning Group in the LINCS Community from 9 am, March 11, 2019  to 5 pm, March 12, for an asynchronous discussion of the Sharing the English Language Acquisition (ELA)/Social Studies City University of New York (CUNY) High School Equivalency Curriculum Framework. The Framework integrates reading and writing skills with social studies content to enhance instruction time and build students’ critical thinking skills.

A LINCS moderator will interview Kate Brandt, a veteran Adult Basic education (ABE)/HSE teacher in New York City with twenty-eight years of teaching experience. Kate has served as a Professional Developer for the CUNY Adult Literacy/HSE Program since 1995. Participants will have the opportunity to explore related resources and ask questions and an online discussion will follow to further explore key Framework features, such as the curriculum map, best practices, and high-utility classroom activities.

The Framework can help prepare students for the TASC and is easily adapted for other tests such as the GED and the HiSet. Are you interested, or do you know someone that would be interested? This activity is perfect for HSE teachers, tutors, program managers and administrators, and professional development specialists. Participate in Sharing the ELA/Social Studies CUNY HSE Curriculum,  an asynchronous interview and discussion, beginning today until March 12 at 5 pm. To join, visit the Teaching and Learning Group.

Want to preview the Framework before the interview and discussion? Visit the LINCS Resource Collection for the CUNY HSE Curriculum Framework.


The LINCS Team