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Supporting Student Success: Professional Development Video and Discussion Guides

Earning a postsecondary degree or credential is important for employment in today’s economy. Supporting learners in gaining the foundational literacy and numeracy skills to facilitate postsecondary transitions, whether in an adult education classroom or developmental education program, is crucial, and it starts with a commitment from community college leadership.

The Supporting Student Success project explored successful strategies for promoting student success in Adult Education and Developmental Education programming. The project’s evidence-based approach identified contextualization, acceleration, student support, and hybrid models as promising practices for increasing the college transition and completion rates of lower-skilled learners at community colleges.

The project culminated with the creation of three videos: Supporting Student Success through Professional Development; Blending Adult and Developmental Education-A Hybrid Model; and Managing Community College Change. Each of these videos provide examples of strategies used by community colleges in their drive towards student success. Each video is supported by a discussion guide which helps viewers think deeply about the concepts discussed and provides necessary considerations for implementation. The discussion guides are available in the description of each video.

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-The LINCS Team