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Supporting successful adult learning with edtech: How 3 organizations made it happen

In the new Power in Numbers report, the initiative explores how administrators, educators, and funders can apply insights from real-world case studies to advance adult education in their own communities.
The report features key learnings from Affordable Learning Georgia, the Employment Technology Fund (ETF@JFFLabs), and Project COMPASS at Wake Tech Community College. Their edtech programs prove there is not a single prescriptive path to supporting successful adult learning with edtech; through these case studies, you will learn:
  • How a state-wide open educational resources (OER) initiative has saved an estimated $55 million in textbook costs for its university students.
  • How an investment fund has supported the scaling of seven adult workforce technology companies.
  • How professors at a community college piloted an innovative distance learning model that has improved minority students’ course performance.
Power in Numbers is an OCTAE initiative to enhance the quality of advanced mathematics teaching and learning through next-generation technologies and OER. The initiative has published a series of reports to investigate how OER are making math more accessible, adaptable, and applicable; provide five frameworks for identifying impactful edtech; and explore pathways to create scalable edtech that meets the needs of multiple stakeholders. This fourth and final report, “Changing the Equation,” also provides high-level insights from each previous report.