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Today! The Big Picture in Math (Webinar)

Today at 3:00pm ET, be sure to join the LINCS Community Math and Numeracy Group for “The Big Picture in Math: Four Concepts the Books Need to Teach,” a webinar with Dorothea Steinke, a LINCS math and numeracy trainer. Participants will discuss strategies to reintroduce four critical foundational math concepts to adult learners. 

  1. the meaning of equal (=),
  2. equal distance between whole numbers,
  3. part-whole coexistence, and
  4. the properties of 1 (especially n/n=1), the key to understanding equivalent fractions.

Interested? Join the Math and Numeracy Group and register to attend!

After the webinar, the Math and Numeracy Group will host an asynchronous discussion for a deeper dive into the topic of foundational math for adult learners.


The LINCS Team