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Today! Writing as a Basis for Reading and so Much More (Webinar)

Join the LINCS Community today at 1:00pm ET for “Writing as a Basis for Reading and so Much More.” Dr. Rebeca Fernandez, an assistant professor at Davidson College, will draw on 25 years of experience in the field of language and literacy to present new and effective strategies to integrate writing with reading activities to support English learners as they work to enhance their academic language skills. Participants will be able to:

  • Explain how writing contributes to second language acquisition;
  • Describe effective strategies for teaching writing to support reading and learning;
  • Apply instructional strategies that attend to grammar, vocabulary, and other skills (including listening and speaking) during writing instruction; and
  • Design writing and reading lessons that motivate students at all levels to write.

Join us! Register here! And invite your colleagues!

After the webinar, from December 10-12, Dr. Fernandez will build on her presentation and answer questions in a follow-on discussion in LINCS Community groups (English Language Acquisition, Reading & Writing, Teaching & Learning, Professional Development).


The LINCS Team