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What is your top priority Technology and Learning CoP discussion topic for this year?

Technology and Learning colleagues,

Here's a chance to choose your top priority Technology and Learning CoP discussion topic(s) for 2015. From your posts in this Community of Practice, and from my own sense of what might be important issues, I have put together a short list of choices. Although you can only choose one topic, you can take the poll more than once, so if there are several high priority topics for you, you can take the poll again and vote for a different one each time. Note that the last choice is "other". You can chose that, and then write in your topic as a comment.

David J. Rosen

Technology and Learning CoP Moderator

1. Digital badges and electronic portfolios
14% (1 vote)
2. Blended learning models
14% (1 vote)
3. Narrowing the digital divide for teachers and learners: Everyone On
0% (0 votes)
4. Mobile Learning for Adult Basic Skills and English Language Learners
43% (3 votes)
5. Free or inexpensive, friendly resources to engage students in online interactive tasks
29% (2 votes)
6. Using polling software; e.g. Kahoot, Polling Everywhere
0% (0 votes)
7. Project-based learning and technology
0% (0 votes)
8. Research on distance learning and blended learning
0% (0 votes)
9. Other (Please list your topic as a comment reply.)
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 7


David J. Rosen's picture
One hundred

If you chose "Other" please reply to this message and list your topic.