[Health Literacy Special Discussion]: Join Us Next Week!

The LINCS Community is pleased to announce a new special discussion. Starting next Monday, the Health Literacy group will host ESL as a Mechanism for Advancing Health Literacy, moderated by guest speaker Maricel Santos, Ed.D.

Over the past four years, Maricel Santos led a group of teachers in a research study that examined health literacy as a social practice rather than a set of functional skills, and assessed how this worked in the context of adult ESL classes. The results confirmed that teaching health literacy in this setting can effectively increase students’ functional health literacy skills and their ability to apply the knowledge to improve health behaviors.

Several teachers who participated in the study will be sharing and discussing their firsthand experiences teaching health literacy to ESOL students. Information and resources to help you promote literacy as a social practice will also be highlighted.

With the goal of exploring the effectiveness of teaching health literacy in adult education settings, this event will be particularly relevant to ABE, ESOL, ELL, and health literacy educators, program staff, researchers, and other interested stakeholders in the Adult English Language Learner and Health Literacy groups.

Please join us from November 17-21 in the Health Literacy group to participate in this special discussion. To prepare, please read the research study: ESL Participation as a Mechanism for Advancing Health Literacy in Immigrant Communities. Bring your questions about teaching this content and working with this population for our guest speakers.

We look forward to talking to you!

The LINCS Community Team