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Getting Up to Speed with College and Career Readiness Standards

Dear Colleagues,

I have a few questions for you regarding the new College and Career Readiness (CCR) Standards for Adult Education.  As you may know, in May 2014, the U.S. Department of Education released the new CCR Standards. While optional for states, they “…are not a curriculum, and states or programs choosing to adopt them will need to complement the standards with high-quality curricula that align with the content and expectations” (p. 16).

Which states are adopting the CCR or considering adopting them? What is your program or state doing to help teachers get up to speed with CCR Standards?

Instruction must delve deeply into:

  • English Language Arts and Literacy (reading, writing, speaking, and listening)
  • Numeracy

It appears that other subject areas are embedded in the ELA Standards.  So do practitioners also need a deeper understanding of science, history, and social studies content as well?

Thanks for your thoughts,


Jackie Taylor

Moderator, Evidence-based Professional Development


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I am the ABE PD manager for Nevada. We replaced our ESL, ABE, and ASE standards with the CCRS about six months after they were released. Parallel to offering regular  CCRS informational webinars to Directors and Administrators, we have been conducting half day, full day, and PLCs on CCRS Implementation that include ELA (reading, writing, listening, speaking) and numeracy for all of our ESL, ABE and HSE teachers. We also have a team of teachers who are developing curriculum (CCRS Units) for all levels of ESL, ABE and HSE. These will become available on our website by end of August: We have also created a blog ( where we regularly submit relevant articles on different aspects of implementing the CCRS as well as lesson activities and links to great resources. I would be very interested in hearing about what other states are doing and if they have developed any curriculum that they can share. Thank you!


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One hundred

Hi Claudia, All,

Claudia, thanks so much for sharing the work that Nevada is doing to advance the College and Career Readiness Standards! I know other states are doing similar activities and I'd like to hear from them. This is a great opportunity to start collaborating across states by sharing where we are with the CCRS, even if many of us are only in the beginning stages.

Looking forward,