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Resources for African American History Month

Hello colleagues, I believe we should not limit African American history to the month of February; however, I wanted to pass along a wonderful collection of resources for digging in to this meaningful topic. Check out 6 Teaching Tools for Black History Month on Edutopia. First on the list is an article outlining some do's and don'ts for teaching on this theme. The page also includes many links to other useful standards-based lessons.

Would love to hear how you have addressed this important aspect of US history.

Cheers, Susan Finn Miller

Moderator, College and Career Standards


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The Library of Congress hosts an African American History Month website with some interesting resources as well!

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March 10th is Harriet Tubman Day. I found an interesting lesson plan from the National Archives about her petition for compensation for her role as a nurse, cook, and spy in the Civil War. Has anyone used this?