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Strategies for Training New Adult Education Teachers on the CCR Standards

This summer, Mississippi is training all of its adult education teachers in both the math and ELA College and Career Readiness Standards.  They just completed one training focusing on teachers from the northern and central part of the state, and this week will be training teachers in the southern part of the state.  They are thinking through how best to train new teachers on the same materials and are considering on-line strategies.  I know a number of states have--or are developing--on-line training modules that cover the content from the LINCS College and Career Readiness Standards-in-Action Professional Development: Mathematical Foundations Units 1-4.  Do any of you have anything that might be helpful to staff in Mississippi as they consider their options?


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The Illinois Professional Development Network has done quite a bit of Standards-In-Action training and have a great model for both face-to-face training, as well as online modules. You can view their Portal here:

What are other state professional developers doing? I'd love to hear your thoughts.