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Upcoming webinar on explicit teaching of critical thinking (and argumentation)

Hello colleagues,

NELRC tries to offer webinars that fill gaps in what's already being offered, and we've noticed a gap in support for the explicit teaching of critical thinking as part of argumentation (beyond citing evidence). If you're interested in this topic, please join us next week for this free webinar:

Teaching Critical Thinking and Argumentation

Feb. 21, 2:00-3:00 Eastern time (registration link)

There is solid guidance available to help instructors use evidence-based practices to teach math, ELA, or ESOL. But what do we know about teaching critical thinking? Join us to learn specific ways to sharpen analytic skills and help students develop an argument, identify assumptions, and spot the “logical fallacies” (slippery slope, strawman, etc.) that mislead people and reflect poor argumentation.

Presenter: Amy Trawick, CALLA

Pre-webinar: A short reading will be sent out for review in advance of the webinar.



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Thank you for posting help on this important communication aspect. Would we like to continue the discussion in this forum re Teaching Critical Thinking and Argumentation after the Webinar? Let's keep talking! Leecy