How to be an effective ally to adult students

Please join us for this free webinar sponsored by the New England Literacy Resource Center at World Education.

December 7, 2017        

2:00-3:30 EST

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In these times when many of our students are experiencing real and perceived threats based on some aspect of their identities - race, immigrant status, gender identity, etc. -  adult educators have a role to play in creating safety, dispelling myths, and building the capacity of students to engage civically for their rights. In this webinar, we will explore what teachers and students from 3 states (RI, MA, and AZ) are doing to provide support and resources to targeted communities, elevate student leadership, and examine the forms of “allyship” that are available to us as educators. Participants will hear about and share strategies developed for varied contexts, discuss the challenges, and consider our own next steps.

Contributors: Cristina Cabrera, English for Action (RI); Sophie Tan, United Way of RI; Riva Pearson, ABCD Mattapan (MA); Lisa Gimbel, Community Learning Center (MA); Kathy Budway, Pima College Adult Education (AZ); Christy Schramski, Pima College Adult Education (AZ)

Pre-webinar: In preparation for the discussion, please watch this video clip on “5 Tips for Being an Ally” by Franchesca Ramsey


This is a very timely discusison/webinar and I look forward to being a part of it. I work mainly in providing English and other lessons in Blended classes to low-income working adults who are usually immigrants and women with children. They are remarkable people and in my opinion represent the best of America. 

Thanks for this,

Paul Rogers

listening and learning from students is the most important thing we need to do when working with adults. It’s important to remember that they come to us for help with their education but they bring a wealth of wisdom with them. They respect that you are willing to admit mistakes

Hello colleagues,

If you missed this webinar on "How to be an ally to adult students" and would like to listen to the archived recording, it's available at this url: Speaking of which, there are many other freely available resources on our website (New England Literacy Resource Center, Please take advantage of what our center (and many other terrific state PD centers) make available to all!

Andy Nash