Sustaining Career Pathways: Funding, Leadership, Policy, & Professional Development

It can be overwhelming to “start” a career pathways system and get lost in the initial development of the program, but for career pathways to truly succeed one must give thought to how we will sustain it beyond the initial start-up phase.  It takes funding, policy and continuous professional development to do so.  Funding and return-on-investment is critical for long time success. Federal, state, and local legislation or administrative policies must promote career pathways development and implementation.  Sustained, intensive, and focused professional development opportunities for administrators, teachers, and faculty foster career pathways design, implementation, and maintenance.  Topics this month will include:

  • Overview of Funding-public, private, and profit
  • Career Pathway Funding Team
  • Constructing a Plan for Career Pathway Success and Sustainability
  • Policy Implications
  • Professional Development in a Career Pathways System