Evaluating tools and resources continues !!!

Good day everyone and thank you again for all the hard work we did last year. The quality of your work was such that a new micro-group has been established to build off the foundation you helped to create. This new micro-group will focus on evaluating online tools and resources from a classroom perspective. Teachers are the primary targets in this work as it will be expected that participants try tools and resources in a classroom setting and share that experience with peers. Administrators are welcome to join us to gain perspective on what teachers discover and report on the many tools and resources we hope to explore. Additionally, participation in this micro-group may be a great professional development activity in which your staff could join the micro-group and evaluate resources in your adult education programs. 

The new group is recruiting now and should start up our work in earnest in the first week of April. Our work will complete in July, and participants will be asked to evaluate resources primarily in April, May and June. Teachers will have a great opportunity to explore some new tools and discover ways those tools can enhance learning in their classrooms. 

The link to the new micro-group is: https://community.lincs.ed.gov/group/2017-online-tools-resource-evaluation-micro-group Participants will have to register as a member of LINCS before joining the micro-group. 

Members of LINCS can simply search for the "2017 online tools & resource evaluation micro-group" and request to join. Inviting educator friends adds to the fun and the combination of local and digital collaborations can offer rich experiences. 

If you have any questions or need some clarifications before joining us in the new micro-group, please contact me or post questions here. Hope to see you all in the new microgroup!