Evaluation Reports Draft Input Needed

Good day everyone. I have been working on how we might present the data from our evaluations. I have tried different formats and need suggestions from the group as to how we wish to present this data. To help have a visual, here is a link to the document I have started drafting. Note it is only "comment only" at this point but I can set it to everyone can edit if that is desired. 

The first page is simply history and data and those points will all be fleshed out with more details and there will be hyper links to the resources mentioned. 

The sample evaluation report starts on the second page with the Blendspace resource. As I mentioned above, I had many formats and methods of reporting I tried to type up but they all felt clunky. My goal with the format you see now is to have a template type format that the field can adapt to easily. Any individual should be able to quickly look to the information relevant to them and that data should consistently be in the same locations and look the same for all resources we produce. I had tried a narrative summary of the resource but that seemed very clunky if I were a teacher trying to quickly identify if this resource was something I might want to try. 

What do people feel about this format? If something like this works well, it is very easy to export these types of reports over to our webpage so the field will see whatever format we end up with as we see in the micro group report documentation. 

I appreciate your feedback and contributions on this. Once we get this one report edited the way we wish, it will be relatively easy to get the other data points in and have a draft copy with all resources that have been evaluated by two or more people. 

As you browse through the first page of history, you may note some numbers of what has been processed. If anyone wishes to continue evaluating, please realize that I don't have a problem going back in and updating a few numbers smiley. My hope has always been that our evaluation tool and process were easy enough to use so that others would be encouraged to offer their input on the many resources available digitally. The few that have tried it have shared positive experiences. I remain hopeful that others may give it a try and share their feedback before our work concludes next month and we publish our "finished" project. As always, if you have questions or just feel lost where to start you can email me or post here and you will find an abundance of support in your efforts. Additionally, you may want to look at the instructions on this webpage as well as the graph below the instructions which indicates which resources have been done and by how many evaluators. 

I hope all of you are well and enjoying a long weekend and I look forward to any feedback or comments you may provide this week as I continue to work on drafting up data. 



I have received some feedback from David on the report format, but I have not heard from anyone else yet. Thank you David for taking the time and offering your thoughts. 

In terms of the format of the report, it seems that this format could work. In terms of content, there are a few narrative items that will require me to go to the evaluator that left the comment and ask for elaboration. Some comments may need to be modified so that everyone in education can better understand the evaluator's intent. It is very easy for those of us comfortable with technology or jargon to forget that there is a large population that may not understand some of the terms we just toss around in our discussions together. 

As I begin processing more of the reports, you may get an email from me asking if you could take a moment and either reword or embellish one of the ideas or suggestions you offered in your evaluation. Of course, if you have not done an evaluation yet on any resource, there still is time to try one out and see how easy it is! Image removed.