Evaluation Tool Review

Good day everyone. It has been very quiet in any of our attempts to discuss things thus far. I am taking that as an indication that people would like to just get into evaluating resources. To that end, I offer the following instructions that may help you get going. 

From now until Sunday May 21st, why don't we review the evaluation procedure shared below as well as the evaluation tool. Please take a moment to review both the procedure and the evaluation form and offer any changes or advice. It is important that we are all feeling comfortable with the evaluation tool and procedure before we dive into evaluations next week. I will try to update the evaluation form and the Diigo resources later this week so that everything should be in place next Monday for people to start trying tools and evaluating them. 

The website with a review of these procedures and links is here

There are two tabs at the top of this site, Home and Categories. The Categories tab has the resources to be evaluated organized by the categories that were set up in last year's micro group. 

Link to resources for evaluators
  • The resources to review should come from our Diigo list.

  • If you have other resources you wish to add to Diigo, please do so (remember to use the category names indicated the by the lower case letters we have in this document for tags). Unfortunately, I can not have the evaluation form update automatically, so you may want to wait a day to get to that. I get an automatic email when a diigo resource is added. 

  • For convenience, I have this all updated in our evaluation form here with a drop down selection for resource name.

  • If you are unsure what resources have been evaluated already, you can always check out our data sheet here. In column C you will find all of the resources already evaluated. We need at least 2 evaluations for each resource, but please try to limit the max number of evaluations for any one resource to 4 people. I will update things so we have a quick and easy chart of available resources to evaluate hopefully this week. 

​ I would draw your attention to the third bullet item, the evaluation form. Based on the feedback I was able to get from the group, I have modified the original evaluation form to now reflect our discussions and desires. I know there was talk of having an ESL category. In looking over the list of categories we have, I thought that category 5) Reading and Writing Learning should cover the tools one may find. There are sub categories within that group and if we need to add a category, please advise. Note that it is not too late to add some ESL resources to this category. We have many with ESL backgrounds and some of you have some "go to" resources you use with learners. If you would like to share any of those resources so others might evaluate them, please reply in this thread or add the resource to the Diigo Group and I will get it on the evaluation form promptly. 




     I just went to the Bitstrips site to review it, and read a message that it has been taken offline.

Here's what it says: Dear Bitstrips Users,

We’re very sorry to announce that we had to take Bitstrips.com offline. We love this incredible, creative community, but can no longer continue operating the site as it is today.

In the coming weeks, we will email you with links to download all of your comics, characters, and messages. We hope to give you access to the comic builder again one day soon, and apologize for such an abrupt end to the site.

The Bitstrips Team

And here's the link: https://company.bitstrips.com/bitstrips-update.html


It is unfortunate to see a good resource no longer being supported. Thank you for letting us know. I will remove it from our resource bank. At one point, there were many online comic tools, but I have been having difficulty with some of the others that are out there as well. I am wondering if the public is just not using comic building tools that much? It really would be a shame to not have some quick and easy comic tools out there. I personally use Google Slides for comics with students, but that is not a quick and easy and may not be for everyone :)